Short and Long Term

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Managing property the right way is all about transparency, hard work and communication. At the end of the day, you have to set the right expectations by going the extra mile and ensuring that you have clear lines of communications open. It's crucial to understand how to manage a property the right way. It's not just about knowing how to fix things when they break. As a property manager, you'll be forced to wear many hats. If you're looking to do this the right way, you can go it alone, or you could scour the area for an expert property manager that can help take some of the pressure off.

Short Term Host

It is our highest priority to help property owners maximize their income opportunities and provide care to guests visiting Puerto Rico. We'll take care of everything from the initial meet & greet, to ensuring that guests are settled into your property and remain comfortable throughout their stay.

Listing & Bookings

We will ensure your home is inviting and equipped with everything your guests need to make their stay comfortable.


We can stock all household supplies, guarantee cleaning standards, and provide excellent customer care for your guests throughout their stay.

Maintenance & Exterminating

To meet and exceed customers expectations we have to maintain the condition of your property recurrently.


We'll make sure your home is professionally cleaned before any guests arrive.

Accounting & Taxes

We'll manage your room occupancy tax equal to 7% of the room’s rate and submit it to the PR Tourism Company.


We will be able to answer any questions your guests may have during their visit.

Long Term Career

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